003 The Foreward Week of 9/10/17

The Foreward, Week of 9/10/17


Spelman Makes a Controversial Choice

Spelman College in Atlanta will accept transgender women - the HBCU world was sent into commentary frenzy when it was announced the historically Black women only institution will admit female transgender students. While many were supportive of this positive move for the LGBTQ community, others were angry with the decision. 

Irma & Her Merry Band of Hurricanes

At the time of this recording, Hurricane Irma is battering the state of Florida. One of, if not the strongest hurricane to hit landfall in history, Floridians were forced to evacuate. Of course, not everyone was able to and we do not yet know how much destruction she will leave in her wake. Currently moving up the west coast of Florida, the sheer size and magnitude of this storm has already flooded downtown Miami and climbs the coast with category 2 force. Floridian evacuees have fled to cities north in Atlanta and the Carolinas, also predicted to be affected by Irma’s force. Hurricanes Jose and Katia are still in the Atlantic and have been downgraded to category 3 and 2 respectively.

Power to the PowerPuffGirls

Black PowerPuffGirl - The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four adds BlackGirlMagic to the mix, literally. Voiced by South African singer/songwriter Toya Delazy, the girls will fight crime in Townsville as a quartet. We do not yet know the name of the character or her powers, but we will soon find out when the 5 part movie event airs Sunday, Sept 17th on the Cartoon Network.


Biggie Documentary and interview with Faith Evans - A&E has relaunched the Biography series with a 2 part documentary about one of the greatest rappers of all time. Biggie: The Life of The Notorious B.I.G. airs on the A&E network. You can hear my exclusive interview with his widow, Faith Evans on BlackGirlNerds on the BGN Podcast Extra

The Other Blue

Blue turns 7 from Queen Sugar - Ethan Hutchinson - Happy birthday goes out to the other Blue, little, gifted Ethan Hutchinson celebrated his 7th birthday this week! Queen Sugar resumes in October.

The NFL's Fourth Down

NFL numbers down - falling for the fourth straight year, NFL kickoff numbers were down. Some attributing the drop in ratings to protests/boycotts related to Kaepernick, others call it a continuing trend with the NFL failing to attract younger viewers.

Sloane Stevens Takes All

Sloane Stephens beats the brakes off Madison Keys to win the US Open. - just off the release of a story about Madison Keys denying her Blackness, she was whooped by Sloane Stephens, winning her first grand slam. Keys was widely considered the next great Black tennis player, seems to suffer from OJ syndrome exclaiming she is neither black or white, she’s just Madison. OK, girl.


Issa Rae’s groundbreaking series Insecure on HBO airs its season finale in an extended 45 minute episode. Issa, we need longer seasons - more, please!