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In this new audio landscape there are so many ways to create, so many options, and almost anyone can get up and running in no time.

There are almost as many ways to learn about podcasting and creating podcasts as there are podcasts themselves. The details, options, and choices are many - it can be overwhelming. While creating a podcast may be relatively easy, giving it life takes a bit more work.

There are so many questions that need to be answered so that the podcast you create will reach the people you want to reach, deliver the messages you want to deliver, and open up a whole new world of connectivity through voice and audio.

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My name is Caron. I am a journalist, host and producer of radio and award-winning podcasts. My interviews have reached millions in traditional broadcast and digital space with masters of art, television & film, civic & community leaders in politics and industry. I was an early adopter of podcasting and we've come a long way from the days of expensive, clunky, massive hardware, huge learning curves for audio production, and distribution.

CARONISMedia presents: Pod for the Course - Online coaching and training for podcasting, broadcast, and new media. We all have something to say, something to present to the world. Podcasting is a great way to do it and I want to help simplify that process for you. Pod for the Course will not only help you identify who you want to reach, but also provides tools and strategies to reach the guests you want, whose viewpoints, ideas, and art you want to share with the world. Celebrities, public intellectuals, politicians, and incredible members of your community, taste makers and the newsworthy are more accessible than ever.

But that's not all. Pod for the Course offers a level of personalization in media training that will give you more comfort, confidence, and competence in front of or behind the mic/camera. Whether your goal is to create a podcast of your own, a podcast series or network, or to become a regular guest on podcasts we love, PFTC helps you develop content that connects. People need what you have to say, Pod for the Course will help create a road map to reach them.

It's a great time for audio. Almost anyone can create a podcast, but not everyone can bring it to life.

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