Valentine’s Day Overload

The writing is on the wall. #LoveYou1st - Last week, it seemed we were bombarded with messages about the relationships/reconciliations/ engagements of women who suffered years of public humiliation, private hell, and horrific abuse at the hands of the men that claimed to love them, and conversations about how women are expected to suffer for and in love. My loves, this is not the answer. It is not the way, it is not a badge of honor, nor is it of God. It is no laughing matter and I’m exhausted with this narrative. YOU are worthy of freedom. YOU are worthy of healthy love that lifts you up, not holds you down or drags you. YOU are worth goodness, loving kindness, adoration, and a love that gives hope, but you have to KNOW that for yourself. It must be so deeply rooted in your spirit and your soul that your energy follows. YOU are worth more than a ring (buy your own), more than a half-hearted, pre-prison proposal (get your freedom), and certainly more than anyone other than YOU deciding or defining your future. The responsibility we have is to the one staring back at us in the mirror. Tell her something sweet today. Love her. Empower her. Embolden her to live on her own terms. Speak life to her. #LoveYou1st