In Blackness & Truth

I have been Black my entire Black life. It is something I cannot and would not change. My Black self and my Black children do not live in fear, but have always lived with caution because I was taught by my Black parents and American culture that at any given time, this Blackness could be snuffed out for any reason or no reason at all. I have lived with overt and systematic racism in schools, the military, churches, playgrounds, the theatre, for damn sure the beauty industry, corporate, the supermarket, the stop light and in medical care. There is no place in LIFE racism does not touch. None. 

The events in #Charlottesville were crazy, but not rare, not new and not surprising, so for those of you who are surprised, you have either not cared, not been listening or not paying attention. Apathy is complicit. So in your effort to now try to understand what has been in your face, told to you by people with Black skin and you denied, happening in the dark, the dawn and in broad daylight, DO NOT EXPECT ME TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU. We told you. We have been telling you all along. It's in history books, the news, on the internets, in the papers, on the walls, in the dirt, on the street, in the music in the air and on the lips of people you call your friends when it's convenient. We told you. 

So, be at peace. Now is not the time to proclaim "can't we all just get along". We have never all gotten along. This IS America and it always has been. Your privilege has given you the option and comfort to ignore it. Now is the time for action. Either step up, speak up, man up or get out of the way of those of us who continue to fight. 

💋 Caron