Who We Want to Be

Everyday I wake up, every single morning I face the reality that I can no longer hide behind what I do. One of the most difficult questions to answer is who are you? While I think I know who I am, most people would respond with something that relates to what they do in life – mother, job description, spiritual station in life, social or economic status – we have a tendency to define ourselves in terms of what we do. So when someone asks who you are it may take a moment to figure that out.

It's very easy justified ourselves in terms of what we do versus how we identify, how we are different, how we are unique in this world of people who so easily assimilate and misappropriate the lives and culture of others. Learning to define ourselves in terms that we set is something we are not taught to do. Status matters. Over inflation or repositioning our circumstance is something people do without thinking about it. But what do you do when you can no longer hide behind what you do and have to actually focus on who you are.

A better question for me would be who are you becoming? Who do you want to be?