Minding Your Business

1. Instagram and Pinterest are not portfolios. If you need to build one, build it. Invest the time, money and in the people gifted and skilled enough to make it happen.

2. Own your own domain(s). Use an email address that matches your domain. This speaks to legitimacy, professionalism, credibility and branding. If you do not know where to begin, inbox me.

3. Use your own work and your own words. Trusting another with your voice is a mistake. 

4. Don’t look the part. Live it. Actions speak louder than words. Who you are and what you do is about more than reflecting personal style, it is about communicating purpose and intent.

5. The fastest, easiest way to build a brand is through exemplary service. Hard work and financial investment mean nothing without learning how to serve. Let it speak for you and give it room to evangelize what your business brings! Recommendations and referrals are much stronger and more effective than advertising.