Lessons from #RemyMa

 Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

The mighty blow heard round the world. This is February 25th, in the year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen and @realremyma has finished her, darling Nicki, with the slingshot that is her tongue.

1. Don’t throw shade into darkness. Shade is for those who need cover. The darkness is what shade borrows from.

2. Know when things have gone too far and you are out of your league. 

3. Respect your elders. 

4. A bigger ass may get you followers, but it will not keep you safe from those who have matured into theirs.

5. Stay in your lane if you are hoodlight (street value = paper aka lightweight). Just rest in your comfort because you will never be ready for real.

6. Build an escape route or chute so your skeletons won’t be harmed when they fall out. 

7. Be kind to yourself. It will take a while to heal after an ass whoopin’ like this. Just rest, girl.

8. What happens in darkness will come out in the light. This includes the exposure of whatever it is you lack.

9. If you choose to love a buster or three or even opt for an empire, be sure to keep it private. His shame is your shame.

10. Don’t. Think twice, thrice, octa that thought. Be at peace. Live out your years, girl. In peace. Just don’t. 

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